This is Tambien‘s second EP, catalogue number PP001 by Public Possession, an independent record label and shop in Munich run by Marvin & Valentino.


Ron Morelli: “Super dope, really really ill”
Lovefingers: “Dope!”
Acid Washed: “This is a killer. I am in love with 2 tracks!”
Munk: “It’s the BOMB!”
Tim Sweeney: “Awesome!”
Muallem: “It’s the absolut bomb. Killing it big time. So good!”
Tiago: “This thing fuckin rips! Love it!”
Alexis Le-Tan: “Really dig them both, might have a slight preference for the first one.”
Sascha Sibler: “It’s cool to see and hear the PP001!!! Tambien is going the right Way!!!”
Les Levels: “This is so fuckin sick!”
Lee Douglas: “So good! Nice work dudes!”
Bell Towers: “Hot shit!”
Joakim: “That’s great!”
Michael Kucyk (NIMH Radio): “Gonna be slaving this one! So dope!”
Severino: “This is great!”
Phil South (Golf Channel): “Dope release gents!”

Mastered by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
Distributed by wordandsound.