We started a project called “Tambien” in collaboration with Bartellow. Together we reinterpret some carefully selected tracks, which got released in a very limited hand-numbered vinyl-only edition this May. These records first and foremost go out to friends and fellow Djs. But you may be able to get a few of them at Phonica in London, Mount Analog in Los Angeles, Someday in Melbourne and A1 Records in New York.












Hugo Capablanca: ”Capablanca Loves Tambien! Full support! Indignados KILLS it!”
Anton Klint: ”Love the 12″! Trippy shit!”
Lovefingers: ”Tambien is cool!! I like it”
Munk: ”I love it more than my penis”
Lee Douglas: ”Yes!! Nice!”
Muallem: ”Hammer Platte!!”
Rollerboys: ”Indignados is sick!”
Lexx: ”Nice!”
Hunee: “Circolo is massive – psychedelic and mysterious! played it in Basel, 2 people came up asking. Big thing!”
Tim Sweeney: ”Nice one! Could definitely see playing them on the radio show!”
Tiago: ”Tracks are super rad! Will play out!”
Hey Convict: ”This is cool! Good werk!”
Severino: ”This EP is superb..really my cup of tea”
Dominik v. Senger: ”Cool! i like it! Great work! Sounds so clear”
Beautiful Swimmers: “Clips sound ill! I especially dig the last one!
Acid Washed: “This is BIG. Acid Washed loves Tambien. We will play it all summer and after!”
Chupacabras: “Very cool stuff you have here!
Soft Rocks: “Really liking these percussion workouts and sure I can make good use!”
Kaos: “Like a lot! Dope EP!”
Mooner: “Awesome- – essential edits.”
Joakim: ”This release is dope! Congrats!”
Jacques Renault: “Cool release guys!”
Trevor Jackson: Enjoying it very much!
Kasper Bjorke: “Wow!!!! I am totally in love with Tambien! Will play the tracks out for sure!”